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Video for Weddings

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Your big romantic day will be much more than a special event, it will be a real party that will remain immortalized in a personalized and high quality film made by professionals

Aerial Shooting with Drone

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With her aerial shots, photos and videos, she captures images of marriage and transforms them into the unforgettable story of your love. Like in a movie. But much more than a film, because what we tell is real. It’s your story. It is your love. It’s your wedding.

Spot for companies

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The creation of commercials is a real art that requires communication skills, abilities of synthesis, technical skills and creativity. The commercials in a few seconds must tell a story, engage, excite and leave their mark on those who watch them.

Cinema and Theater

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We offer a professional video shooting service for every occasion! Theatrical performances, documentaries, interviews and short films.

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